BMK Games

About BMK Games

BMK Games is made up of a solo developer, Brad Meine (aka, SlyBlade). The business name comes from my family: Brad, Michelle (wife), and Kari (daughter). I started this business with the intent of making a type of survival game. One big feature I wanted was for AI to be able to navigate and path find on all surfaces, but I was having trouble finding something that worked the way I wanted and was also affordable for a low-budget indie like myself. I decided to make my own which forced me to learn a good bit about some of the inner workings of the UE navigation system and was a great adventure in and of itself. One day I'll be able to get back to my game, but right now my focus will be on continually improving the DSN plugin with the help of community feedback.

Adds navigation for all surfaces (ground/walls/ceilings) to Unreal Engine which dynamically updates as your world changes. Works with many of UE's navigation features such as nav modifiers, nav filters, nav links and more.